Car Buyers Today Hate Talking On The Phone

 Whether you like it or not, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as the biggest generation. That doesn’t just mean that they make up over 50% of the workforce, it also means that they will soon become the largest single demographic of car consumers. As a dealer, that means you’re going to have to change some of your sales practices, or else consumers are going to turn their backs on you in favor of salespeople who understand and cater to them. You can only force consumers to do things your way for so long – as soon an alternative emerges, you’ll be left in the dust.

You’re probably better aware than others that consumers dread actually going to the dealership to buy a car. That’s why the number of foot traffic visits have dropped dramatically in recent years. What that means is your salespeople have fewer opportunities to pitch to prospects than they did in the past. With foot traffic leads drying up, how is your team supposed to find new buyers? A lot of older car salesmen will say that you have to start dialling –ignoring the fact that the majority of Millennials hate talking on the phone. That’s why smart dealerships are turning to online car help chat software to generate leads, introduce live customer service onto their websites, and open up email and SMS communication channels.


Why Emails and Texting Matter

It can’t be reiterated enough: Millennials hate talking on the phone. They may never let their smartphones out of their hands, but usually, that means they’re in the middle of something when you call. They find that a phone call is a demanding interruption; making a phone call prioritizes your time over their own. As a salesperson, that’s not a great way to start your relationship. Millennials are far more likely to view and answer emails and texts, or ask questions through a live chat window if it’s available. Your dealership had better start introducing some best practices for answering emails, otherwise, you’re going to be seeing a lot of defection.

Don’t even think about leaving a voice mail when you’re following up on a lead under the age of 30. Odds are, they won’t even think about listening to it. Texting is by and large the communication platform they are most familiar with. That’s why live chat service companies like Gubagoo don’t just stop with a chat window, they also equip your dealership with an app that makes it easy to talk to costumers by text.

Let Customers Connect Anytime

A live chat window lets your customers ask questions about inventory and even book appointments at their convenience. Chat services like Gubagoo tailored to car dealerships train their operators to use inventory integration to introduce consumers to products that match their browsing. Conversation rates from chats to leads are over 80%. Introducing a live chat service is your best way to connect with Millennial car buyers – it’s time to give up the dial tone and meet your customers where they want to be met.

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