Different Themes including Mother of The Bride Gowns to make your Wedding Wonderful


Themed Marriage ceremonies are getting more and more popular currently. Every year you are going to see tons of different themes for the wedding in different parts of the world. There are wedding themes depending on your interests, imaginations, religion, culture and many other similar factors. But the main thing that creates a problem for a unique wedding theme is the wedding dress. Wedding dress for groom and bride would not be an issue, but for bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen dresses, maid of honour dress, Mother of the Bride Gowns. And especially when you require Short Mother of the Bride Dresses then it might be a problem. So now the only option for you is to give your wedding dress ideas to some designer and get them prepared on special order.

Unique Wedding Themes

Now coming to the different unique themes for the wedding. If you are a big fan of Disney movies then you can bring the memories from your childhood back to your wedding reception by choosing a Disney Theme. Like there is Alice in the Wonderland which is a famous animated movie by Disney. So if you want to have a fancy wedding but with a touch of Disney theme then this is just the best one for you. You can also add the same decoration of rabbit’s tea party from this animated movie. And when it comes for Disney movies then how can you forget Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Usually, Mickey Mouse themes are being used for birthday parties, but you can also re-live your childhood memories with this theme at your wedding. As for the bride, you can use wedding dress design as a red colour with white polka dots on it just like Minnie mouse dress.

Disney Wedding Themes

And for a groom wedding dress, you can have a dress that is kind of similar to the dress of Mickey Mouse. Besides being kids you all must have wished to have a house just like Mickey Mouse, so you can use the same decorations for your wedding. And have this unique experience for first and last time in your life. Similarly moving forward in the series of Disney movies, there has been a concept of prince and princess. They both get married in a castle with the whole kingdom celebrating it. So if you are also a fan of such Fairy tale fantasies then having Cinderella Wedding theme would just be perfect for you. Then there is hunting or theme related to African Safari.

Safari or Beach Wedding Themes

For this theme you can have a decoration that has animal prints on them, you can even use animal rugs. And no doubt food will also be African, which includes meat dishes. Then one of the popular wedding themes are Beach or mermaid themes, and these both aquatic themes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. For these themes, you can select destination near to some beach or island. And if you have selected this theme for your wedding then set a wedding date in spring or summer.

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