Don’t Ignore These Signs That Mean That Your Car Needs to Be Serviced


A car can last for an incredible number of years as long as it’s been properly taken care of by the owner. This doesn’t mean just taking care of your car when something major happens to it. It means that you’ve done what you can to make sure that your car has been properly maintained the entire time you’ve had it. If you haven’t been doing this, then you should start doing so immediately. You can begin right here by learning about these signs that indicate that it’s time to have your car serviced by professionals.

Weird Noises

Any time that your car is making weird noises, there is a cause for concern. If your car is making any of the following noises, you should look for garage services in East Sussex immediately:

  • Squealing when you step on the brakes
  • Metal on metal
  • Crunching sounds when you switch gears

The Check Engine Light Is on

Sometimes a check engine light can come on for something as simple as a sensor being out. But, a lot of the time, the check engine light comes on because there’s actually something wrong with the car. If your check engine light is on, you should bring it to the nearest garage so they can run diagnostics on it to determine the problem.

Taking care of your car may cost you a little money every now and then but neglecting your vehicle will cost a lot more money in the long run. A little now or a lot later? The choice is yours.



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