Farm That Never Uses Hormones, Herbicides, Pesticides & Growth-Enhancers


P.A. Bowen Farmstead founded by Geoffrey Morell along with Sally Fallon Morell ensures that the pasture-based livestock are raised. The firm uses the outdated grazing techniques combined with up-to-date technologies to harvest high quality foods that nurtures and heals the bodies. Mr. Morell supports the ideologies of Dr. Weston A. Price and that is why he is also associated with Weston A Price Foundation. In 2009, 95 acre Maryland property has been purchased by Mr. Morell with the objective of building a combined farm that not only delivers best quality, grass-fed foodstuffs, but also performed as a machine for the financial revival of the entire area.

Rotational grazing strategy is followed at P.A. Bowen Farmstead which explains the practice of rotating livestock through a sequence of enclosures. By the time the last enclosure in the series has been fed, the first has been refreshed, this offers enough pasture growth for the paddock grazing arrangement to start again. Rotational grazing allows for greater overall stocking rates, supports the perseverance of edible perennial pasture types and requires more setup and perhaps a greater labor input. Geoffrey uses rotational grazing to significantly increase the produce of his farm.

In fact, all of the livestock are pasture-fed to achieve the maximum quality meat and dairy products. Moreover, the firm ensures that the grain mixture that is fed to the cattle and poultry is non- genetically modified organisms and free from soy, and are typically grown locally. Starting from the highest quality raw milk cheeses to pastured seasonal turkey, beef, veal, chicken and eggs are sold here. Geoffrey Morell applies his unique ideas and innovative techniques to make this farmstead a famous farm across the Maryland’s Prince Georges County. The farm can be hired for occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Picnics
  • Fund Raisers

Mr. Morell promotes healthy living and eating by supporting the philosophies of Dr. Weston A. Price. He believes in consuming unpasteurized dairy products and milk products and do not believe in pasteurized milk and dairy products. Moreover, he believes that organ meats from organic free range birds should be consumed along with the fat and skin as it is healthy and only beef, lamb, game, poultry and eggs from pasture-fed animals should be consumed. Apart from this Geoffrey Morell has published many informational blogs which include topics such as:

  • Influence of soy, a common GMO product used as a poultry feed on humans
  • Significance of pasture based farming
  • To yield the best and healthiest animals common techniques and methods that are used
  • Advantages of consuming Pasture-raised Eggs, poultry, artisan raw milk cheese

Use of hormones, herbicides, pesticides and growth-enhancers on the cattle can have direct impact on humans and can also have unwanted side effects on the environment. The workers, sprayers, formulators, mixers, loaders and agricultural farm workers are among the individuals who have the highest risk of getting affected due to these harmful pesticides.

Therefore, P.A. Bowen Farmstead never uses hormones, herbicides, pesticides and growth-enhancers!

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