How the Tax Regime Works Perfect


The simplified tax regime remains applicable for establishing the tax due in respect of the first year following that in which the turnover limits provided for this regime are exceeded. However, the transition to the actual normal tax regime is immediate if the turnover exceeds the following thresholds:

  • 901,000 euros for the activities of purchase-resale, sale to be consumed on site and supply of housing,
  • € 279,000 for service provision activities.

We remind you that the micro-BIC regime is open to companies whose turnover for the two preceding calendar years does not exceed:

€ 176,200 for trade and housing supply activities (hotels, guest rooms, rural lodgings classified as tourist accommodation, tourist accommodation):

  • € 72,500 for other activities under the BIC.
  • These thresholds are valid for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Please note, several special cases should be noted:

Companies whose amount of VAT payable the previous year is greater than 15,000 euros must fall under the actual normal VAT regime, even if their turnover is below the threshold for application of the actual simplified regime. In terms of profits, these companies can still come under the real simplified tax regime. You can find taxfyle’s tax calculator much useful in this case.

  • Companies created in the building sector cannot benefit from the simplified VAT tax regime in the year of their creation and the following year. They can still fall under the real simplified regime in terms of profits.
  • Companies with a turnover within the range of application of the simplified real regime may voluntarily opt for the normal real tax regime.
  • Companies that do not exceed the thresholds of the micro-enterprise regime can, optionally, come under the real simplified tax regime.

The tax administration has decided to carry out the accounting audit of your company. Without minimizing the importance of this control and its possible financial consequences, there is no need to panic too much. In any event, it seems opportune to decipher two main essential principles attached to this professional control.

The verification of the accounts by the tax authorities

The duration of the on-site verification

The number of visits by the inspector varies on average from a minimum of three to a maximum of twelve, depending on the size of the company and the nature of the activity carried out. However, the duration of the interventions may not exceed 3 months if your annual turnover excluding VAT realized during the years subject to verification does not exceed the following amounts:

  • € 783,000 for industrial or commercial companies whose activity is to sell goods, objects, supplies and food to take away or to consume on the spot, or to provide accommodation.
  • € 236,000 for other industrial or commercial companies (service providers in particular) and for taxpayers exercising a non-commercial activity.

These turnover thresholds are generally updated every year.

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