Is Zofran recommended if you are suffering from morning sickness?


Which happens to be the most common drug that cures morning sickness but still not approved by FDA? Yes Zofran and pregnancy 2018 have a strong relation and what would happen if anyone came up to you and told that if you took this drug during first trimester of pregnancy you increase chances of your child being born with a heart defect. This would send alarm bells ringing.

All this is true and the drug in question is Zofran. One of the most commonly prescribed drugs for morning sickness. Nearly 1 out of 4 women are prescribed this drug when you are pregnant. Yes studies do point an increase in heart defects.

In case if you not undertake Zofran Pregnancy 2018 on Google then do not do it. You are going to panic as you will figure out lot of law firms looking for their clients. Take a deep breath and get to the facts.

In 80 % of women morning sickness is a definite cause of concern during pregnancy. In most of the cases it may be not that severe to be a cause of concern. But if it reaches at a severe level it can lead to weight loss or dehydration that could pose a lot of issues when pregnant. Since this drug assures excellent results it is used to treat morning sickness when you are pregnant.

For many drugs it can be used as off label. Morning sickness takes place in the early phase of pregnancy where birth defects could be at an all-time high. But when Zofran are linked to birth defects phone bells start ringing in the chamber of a doctor.

In case if you have been part of this drug there is no need to panic. On the basis of research or facts it is suggested that you keep away from the drugs as far as possible. For morning sickness there are various alternatives as well.

Diclegis is another alternate for morning sickness that was approved in 2003 by FDA. In addition there are some viable alternatives for morning sickness

  • When you wake up from bed do not have an empty stomach. It is better to feast on cracker
  • Increase the intake of fluids during the day and instead of 3 large meals opt for 5 smaller meals during the day
  • Keep away from spicy or fatty foods. Any food that makes you uneasy has to be avoided.
  • In case if you are feeling nausea try some ginger
  • A veggie pop would be a nice alternative. It is a combination of lavender, mint , sour fruit and ginger

To conclude, this pretty much sums up things. Avoid Zofran at first till you have gone on to try other drugs. If you need help with morning sickness it is better to consult your doctor. Being dehydrated and weak is not a good sign when you are pregnant. Luckily there are a lot of safe options that can come to your rescue. To learn more about the side effects of Zofran, visit this website

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