Karl Who Bag Fashion and Controversy


Karl Lagerfeld is not a new name for those who are regular followers of fashion, and for those who are a part of the industry. His sense of style, his work, and almost everything about him is as famous as his name, and people consider him to be the best fashion guru of all times. However, there was something that happened in the recent past that was more popular than Karl Lagerfeld himself, but was definitely started off by him in some way.

This incident actually begins with the introduction of eco bags by Naco Paris. In 2009, the Karl Who? Eco bag was designed by Naco Paris, but there was a major controversy at that time going on between Naco Paris and Chanel. They were both fighting in the court over the use of the Chanel logo by Naco Paris, which eventually ended with Naco Paris winning the case. Just near about the same time as the case was creating a roar in the fashion world, Karl Lagerfeld was seen sporting the ‘Karl Who?’ bag at the Nice Airport.

This was obviously a funny and controversial incident which had left many people in the fashion world puzzled. But what’s more interesting is what was in store for people in the future. It was the Chanel Karl Lagerfeld bag with Karl’s headshot printed on the front side of the bag. The models at the launch were holding the bags in a way that they were peering through the handles by holding the bag against their faces. The illusion thus created looked as if the bag was the model’s front and top.

Both these bags are loved by people all over the world, as both of them are known to signify a unique sense of style and fashion. Many believe that Karl’s move to carry the Naco Paris bag was very sporting on his part, as it could mean that he did not mind evoking fun at himself!

Today, these bags are easily available for sale all over the world. They are also available online on many websites that sell designer bags, and if you are lucky, then you might be able to get some great discounts as well. So if you like to be chic and want something interesting and fashionable in your collection of handbags, then go eco and get the ‘Karl Who?’ bag or get stylish and get the Chanel Karl Lagerfeld bag.

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