Maintaining A Fleet Of Company Cars Under Budget


Managing an army of sales reps who travel the country means also making sure they have reliable transportation. Sales fleets put major wear and tear on company vehicles, which becomes a necessary part of annual sales management expenses. Big companies cover costs through leasing arrangements, swapping out vehicles every few years, or use service agreements with mechanics to maintain a fleet. For a small business, however, these options get costly.  Here are some more economical alternatives to making fleet maintenance more cost-effective.

Rather than waiting for vehicles to fail, implementing a maintenance schedule for tune-ups, oil changes and other important upkeep requirements can prevent your company cars from expiring too soon. Buy regular maintenance supplies directly from automotive parts dealers like to save on costs, then find reliable local mechanics to do the work.

Critical to an on-the-road sales force is a car that is safe to drive, especially long distances. Find your next Used Fiat Car in Truro, browse through the cheapest Contract Hire and the largest selection of Used Fiat Cars in Truro. If you’re looking for a used fiat punto Truro. Make sure to schedule evaluations of every company vehicle’s brake system and tires. Brake repair and replacement is low-cost compared to the potential consequences of an accident. Regular tire checks for inflation and checks to ensure tires are not bald are also essential for preventing collisions, hydroplaning and other issues for long-distance reps traveling cross-country. Look for on supplies from AutoZone and manage these repairs without going over budget.

Establishing a road assistance program keeps your rep’s safe on the road and offers peace of mind every time they set out on a trip. While companies like AAA seem like the obvious choice, there are less expensive options that are just as good. For example, many road assistance programs are included with automotive insurance plans for free with a limited number of rescue occasions. As a company, you can extend that road assistance coverage for a fraction of the cost of establishing a full program with a road assistance provider. Then all you must do is make sure your field reps know the right number to call when they find themselves stranded. You can also visit this website to get detailed information about the latest models of automobiles.

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