Modern Vehicle Diagnostics


The modern automobile is very different from earlier versions, in as much as they incorporate the latest technology, and the vehicle mechanic is more likely to bring his laptop that his tool kit when diagnosing a fault. Just under the dashboard, sits a special plug, which connects the electronics to a computer, and with the right software installed, the mechanic will get an instant readout of the vehicle’s current status.

Fault Finding Made Easy

Gone are the days when the mechanic will listen to the running engine with his head buried under the bonnet, and he is far more likely to be looking at a computer screen while the engine is running. The best car repairs in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, would utilise computerised fault finding, and the mechanic would specialise in certain makes and models of car.

Major Vehicle Issues

The modern car would be tested for the following:

  • Electronic Problems
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Carburation
  • Timing

With a computer readout, the mechanic does not have to dismantle engine parts, as he knows how the car is performing from the readout on the computer. This means he can pinpoint the problem and carry out the necessary repair work. This saves time, and, of course, time is money, and if your car is less than 5 years old, the chances are it will have a computerised electronic system.

If your car isn’t running as it should, drop in to see your local car repair garage and they can connect up their laptop computer and get a printout of the various systems, helping them to diagnose the fault.

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