Pearl Rings Can Be Made from an Assortment of Gems Found in Various Parts of the World


White South Sea pearl rings join the beauty and quality of the South Sea pearl with the designs that are involved, and this makes some of the most beautiful rings styles imaginable.

Pearl rings

If you want the best in a white pearl ring, then the white South Sea pearl is the choice for you. Look through an extensive collection and see the wide variety of designs for rings.

Pearl Source

Since Pearl Source offers such a wide range of pearl types, people can often be confused on which type of pearl offers the best return on their investment.

Freshwater pearls

The Freshwater pearls are usually found in rivers and lakes in China.  Recently, the quality of freshwater pearls hasimproved resultingin beautiful pearls that are rounder, cleaner and more shimmering.

Japanese Akoya pearls

Akoya pearls are considered the world’s best-known pearl.  These pearls are very round as well as perfect circular in shape and perfected by very high luster. These pearls are formed by a minor oyster in size known as Pinctada Fucata off the seas of China and Japan.

Tahitian south sea pearls

Tahitian pearls are also referred to as black South Sea pearls or simply black pearls and are cherished for their exotic colours and mirror-like finish.  Where other pearl types are usually limited in color, pearls from Tahiti consist of hundreds of overtones with incredibly exotic colours such as blue, silver green, eggplant and peacock green to name only a few.

White & golden south sea pearls

These pearls are cherished for typical color as well as their extraordinary sizes. These rare gems are found in oysters that are very deep in waters off the shores of Australia and are usually creamy white in color.  High quality South Sea golden pearls are usually found in the Philippines and include a wide assortment of shades from light to dark of golden colours.


The prices of these pearls depend whether they grew naturally or were farmed.  The ones that were grown naturally will usually cost the most.  If you want to give a pearl ring as a gift, you will find a wide assortment to choose from for that special person.

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