Quick Tip for Parents Who Hate Strangers Laying A Hand on Their Babies


They say if you cannot love a baby, flowers and music, you are not a human enough. Well, we cannot deny this saying. Who on earth is there who cannot fall for a baby’s innocent smile. Kids are sweet and cute and can attract everybody with their smiling face, and tiny hands and feet.

So it’s natural for strangers in the shopping complex, in the doctor’s clinic, in the airport or in the queue in front of the ATM to get head over heels to touch and cuddle with your kid. But that surely should not happen. People may not have any bad intentions, but parents are not ready to take a chance.

So here are some easy tips to keep your baby’s cuddly cheeks away from the strangers-

Tip #1

Suppose you are in the park taking a stroll or in the doctor’s clinic for a regular checkup, and suddenly you notice someone is looking at your baby. And before you could have said anything, she makes a light stroke on the baby’s face. It’s normal for you to come up with the thought ‘stranger touched my baby’s face, I don’t like it.’

To avoid situations like this, simply change your place or move aside with your baby at once you have noticed strangers glaring at your baby. This may be rude, but is a better way to avoid strangers and their touches on your baby.

Tip #2

Babies vomit and poop a lot. Use this as a plus point and save your baby from a stranger’s touch. If you find someone who is very interested to take the baby from and cuddle, or touch that you don’t like, use this trick. Say that your baby is in a bad mood because he is not keeping well. Or you can try saying- ‘the baby has unsettled stomach and is vomiting for a few days now, he has bowel infection.’ This could surely save both the baby and you from unwanted touches on the baby from strangers.

Tip #3

If you see no other way to stop people who want to touch your baby, simply say no. It may sound rude, but after all it’s about the baby’s safety. You don’t know who has come with what intention in their mind. And as babies are totally alien about the concept of good and bad touch, and other things that may cause their discomfort and irritation, a firm ‘NO’ from the parents are their only saviour.

So once you see stranger hold your baby, your baby’s cheeks are too red because someone wanted to see how soft those are, or random people making the kid open her mouth to see how many teeth has come out, state a strict ‘NO’ to that.

After all that said and done, we should first understand that the little human beings are not toys. If, as a parent, we don’t like touching our kids, we also should not do the same to other babies in the park, or in the mall just because they are babies.

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