Scenarios That Reiterate Necessity Of Senior Citizen Travel Insurance


You nagged and fought for the favorite toy you wanted to play with. Made them run behind you for the food you never liked. Woke them up in the middle of the night whenever you wanted to answer the natures call.

But, now as you grew, they too have grown older. They say that old age is a second childhood.

So, let them make plans for a vacation with their better halves or with their laughing club buddies. Let them explore the world, they always dreamt of!

After all, now is the time you should love, pamper and care for them the way they have done their entire life just for you and your siblings.

So without thinking twice, gift them a vacation abroad along with a comprehensive Senior Citizen Travel Insurance for their safe and happy journey.

Scenarios that make Senior Citizen Travel Insurance a Necessity.

We know it might have taken a lot of proper planning to ensure your senior citizen parents have a fun-filled and stress-free vacation abroad. But, having a good senior citizen travel insurance policy would help them have a trip covered with medical emergencies and many other contingencies. Let’s have a look at such scenarios:

A sudden medical emergency comes up

Any medical treatment or emergency in a foreign country may rip off all the savings, your parents might have kept aside for shopping or exploring the new country. Senior citizen travel insurance would cover all the hospitalization expenses due to any incident or accidents or sicknesses when abroad.

Need of emergency medical evacuation

There might be a sudden evacuation required for a senior citizen to travel to his/her home country for getting an urgent medical treatment. The cost of shifting the person right from abroad to the home country and the flight expenses too are taken care by many senior citizen travel insurance plan.

Delay or cancellation of the trip

Your parents might need to cancel their trip for reasons as important as falling sick, or a close friend or a relative falling sick, or cut-short their trip due to some unavoidable events back home. At times, even political or weather related changes might force them to travel back home urgently. This involves a lot of bucks rescheduling the flight and hotel accommodations and other related expenses.

Senior citizen travel insurance would cover trip delays/cancellations and save your money while you attend the emergency that comes your way.

Loss of passport

Never in their wildest dream would your parents dream about losing their passport in a foreign country. But what if they actually misplace their passports and don’t know how to get out of this situation.

Well, procuring a duplicate passport abroad may make a big dent in your wallet. To avoid all these situations, the senior citizen travel insurance would be like a blessing in disguise that would cover all the expenses of procuring a new passport for your parents. The least that they will have to do is inform the police authorities and lodge a FIR for the loss of their passports.

Loss or delay of baggage

Imagine your old parents waiting near the conveyor’s belt at the airport only to learn that the airlines have lost their checked-in baggage in transit or delayed their bags. Now, shopping for basic necessities becomes essential and spending for them becomes an additional headache. This is because waiting for your delayed or lost baggage may take a day or a couple of days to procure.

Senior citizen travel insurance policy would help you reimburse the expenses you had spent on buying all the basic necessities while your stay abroad.

Factors to consider while buying a senior citizen travel insurance plan

Given the medical issues that come along with old age, insurance companies were still reluctant to offer travel insurance for senior citizens. But, there are certain insurance companies that have started insuring this special segment of travelers. Let’s have a look at the factors you got to watch while buying a senior citizen travel insurance plan:


The premium amount should be considered while buying a senior citizen travel insurance plan. But, again, this shouldn’t be the only criteria for finalizing on a travel plan. The benefits and features also need to be evaluated against the premium charged.


Medical coverage should be one of the primary features to narrow down your search for a good Senior citizen travel insurance plan. Senior citizens are more prone to climate related sicknesses. This makes it important for you to focus on the medical coverage more importantly.

Travel benefits

It is important to understand that your insurer offers travel benefits that would make your parents travel even more stress-free. For instance, loss or delay of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, delay or cancellation of trip etc. It does make sense to spend a little extra penny on your premium to get fabulous benefits like travel benefits.


Your parents might be aging rapidly but securing their old age is still in your hands. With so many scenarios occurring in different parts of the world, reiterating the necessity of travel insurance has to be given an upper hand.

Your parents getting stranded in the foreign country for a medical attention or an evacuation can be a nightmare. This may also burn a hole in their pockets, leaving them with little or no money during their visit abroad.

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