Signs Of Major Changes In The Cloud Computing Universe


The cloud-computing universe presently is almost a monopoly situation for Amazon. The company is in effect the most reputed provider of cloud computing services, well ahead of its competitors. When the company released its statistics at the bidding for CIA’s cloud service call, it came to light that AWS (the cloud computing service of Amazon) commanded greater than five times the combined capacity of the other 14 rivals in the bidding process. Jeff Bezos of Amazon had won the contract before, further proving the high stakes the company has in the Cloud Computing Universe.

However, many professionals in the developer community feels that the lack of options is not a good thing. Many draw analogies at how the launch of Google Android paved the way for a competitive market in the mobile platform development. The monopoly was no longer with Apple! Amazon’s flagship cloud service protocols like the EC2 and the S3 have been active for over a decade now providing cloud hosting services to thousands of websites. In the process of finding a feasible alternative option, many companies are trying to develop open source cloud protocols. The OpenStack process has been playing a critical role in the development of the new infrastructure. The CloudFoundry system is also active in providing crucial solutions to many businesses. Tech giants like VMWare, Rackspace and EMC have been also developing their versions of cloud computing alternative.

However, leading developer and founder of AppFog, Lucas Carlson believes that the industry is yet to develop a system that can really challenge Amazon’s supremacy. Among the challengers, Lucas himself plays a pivotal role. After blending his AppFog service with CenturyLink, Lucas now has access to the extensive resources he requires to materialize his ideas of an Amazon alternative. Working at CenturyLink, Carlson spends his time developing a new protocol called the CTL-C. This new platform integrates the latest from geekyland to develop an edgy cloud protocol.

The platform includes some of the most advanced cloud open source technologies. It also utilizes a very new programming tool called the Docker. However, the primary objective of the new platform is not to confuse users with a host of features. Instead, the service intends to simplify the cloud hosting process even more than Amazon. The focus on improved user experience and the flexibility to move the applications out of the protocol anytime are two main aspects of the program in development.

The new protocol promises the best options in the niche. Currently, the industry has to choose between platform-service and infrastructure-service systems. CTL-C does not provide any of these options singularly. Its features would allow the users to get the best of both worlds. The technology for running the CTL-C is also an innovation of this talented developer at CenturyLink. The idea first struck Carlson in 2010, when he realized that combining PHP programming with improved cloud computing user experience could pave the way for a new efficient system. So, he went on to develop the PHPFog protocol that later became the AppFog. Finally, it blended with CenturyLink, which paved the way to the development of CTL-C.

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