Various types of pregnancy tests


A woman is often asked a question on how she is pregnant? Yes there are some common viable signs of pregnancy but a clear idea is provided if you avail different types of pregnancy test. The type of pregnancy test is undertaken at the doctor’s clinic or you can undertake it at your own home.

Home pregnancy tests

This is available in standard or digital stick formats. The digital versions can be used up to 6 days of your missed period whereas the standard ones can be used up to 4 days of your missed period. Just take note of the fact that if you perform the test too early negative results may emerge. If a false negative result emerges it shows that you are pregnant, but opposite results showcase.

These tests should be undertaken the first thing in the morning as your hormone or urine levels tends to be more concentrated at that point of time. But this in no way means that the test results have to be accurate. Just ensure that you place the stick midstream downward and leave it on for 3 minutes. At the same time collect sample of your urine in a clean and dry container.

If negative test results emerge, try a few days in case if your period has not gone on to start. The presence of a faint line indicates that you are pregnant.

The digital tests work out to be more sensitive and results are obtained faster than a standard stick. Most women do prefer a digital stick as pregnancy results are clearly displayed on a LED screen in the form of yes or no. Just bear in mind that digital tests tend to be more expensive and you are going to need some of them.

Any pregnancy test is going to last for a couple of years after production. Considering the importance of what you are trying to accomplish does not test your pregnancy with an expired test kit. It can be the cause of infection. Click on it and know about the infections that are harmful during pregnancy.

Urine test at a clinic

This test is performed at the chamber of a doctor. This is not viable in commercial pharmacies as once again they operate on the principle of HCG detection in your urine. Though the main difference is that when you avail the services of a professional you detect any scope of errors. You need to take into consideration that this test may cost you more than other tests.

Blood tests

This is a test that is performed at a doctor’s clinic. In the blood of a woman HCG levels are detected. In comparison to urine tests blood tests can go on to detect HCG much earlier. These tests are on the expensive side and the results do take a wee bit longer. In fact there are a couple of blood tests. The first one appears to the quantitative and the second would be qualitative blood test.

The latter appears to be accurate among all pregnancy tests, though it might cost you a bit more.

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