What Are Some Drills for Soccer?


Soccer may seem like a simple game – kick the ball around, shoot into a goal, and that’s it. But if you’ve ever tried playing a game, or simply kicked a ball around, you know how hard it actually is. This is why soccer drills are important. Before you even play the game, you need to learn the basic skills that allow you to play the sport properly.

If you’re a new soccer coach, a parent to an aspiring soccer player, or want to play the game, then you need to get started with soccer drills. The more time and effort put into training, the better the performance on the field will be.

What are Some Drills for Soccer?

The five basic skills for soccer players are dribbling, passing, shooting, attacking, and defending. Once you learn these five skills, you can effectively play as a field player and enjoy a game.

Here are 5 soccer drills for beginners:

1. Passing

Passing is the most fundamental soccer skill. For complete beginners, passing the ball using the inside of the foot is the simplest and easiest to learn. Ask two players to stand in front of the other, 5 to 10 yards away. On each side of the player, place two cones that are 2 yards apart. Tell one player to pass the ball to the other using the inside of the foot and the ball must not go beyond the cones.

2. Dribbling

Dribbling is the act of moving the ball forward with the foot. Place one cone on the ground and another cone about 10 yards away. Teach the player to push the ball forward but in gentle touches to keep it within his or her control. Let the player dribble the ball up to the cone 10 yards away, make a turn around this cone, and dribble back.

3. Shooting

Shooting the ball inside the goal is key to winning games. For a simple shooting practice, place the ball 12 yards in front of the goal. This is the penalty spot. Make the players line up 10 yards from the ball, and one by one, each player will try to shoot the ball into the goal.

4. Defending

Make a square by placing cones on 4 corners. The space can be as small as 6 yards in width and 15 yards in length. This drill involves two players, one will be the defender, and the other will be the attacker. The defender will stay inside the box, while an attacker will try to dribble a ball past the defender.

5. Attacking

This drill involves 3 players where one will be the defender and the 2 will be the attackers. This time, make the box bigger. The width can be 10 yards while the length can be 20 yards. Make the defender stay in the box, and with one ball, the two attackers will try to get past the defender to deliver the ball to the end line of the box.

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