What Do You Need To Know About Residential Garage Doors in Calgary?


Your garage is a reflection of your home and finding the best price requires careful deliberation. There are a lot of different factors that must be considered. What type of design is most suitable for your home? Would insulated garage doors help you save money on your energy bills? Before making your purchase, it is always best to get yourself acquainted with some garage door basics.

Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials, they can be ordered standard or custom designed. To purchase the right size door, you will have to measure the dimensions of your garage and garage door opening. Figure out what material will best meet your specific needs; the two main choices are steel and wood. Steel doors vary from the economical single layer to the triple layer, providing maximum soundproofing and insulation. Steel doors are extremely durable and require low maintenance, as they do not have to be repainted regularly. For those who like handcrafted wood texture, wood panel doors can be an attractive, yet more expensive alternative.

As you arrive at your home, one of the first features you will notice is your garage. Which model door will match or improve the design and colour scheme of your home? You can select many colours, from pre-painted steel doors or paint your own custom colour. You can also have wood custom painted or cover it in a natural stain finish to show the wood grain pattern.

A sectional door is considered to be one of the most common residential garage doors in Calgary whose sections bend as it moves on rollers inside a track. A counterbalance system of cables and springs carries out the door’s up and down movement. There are two types of springs available: the torsion spring and extension spring. The tension of the mechanisms enables a professional installer to install the doors for your garage.

A number of homeowners are looking to opt for insulated garage doors and green garage doors. The insulated residential garage doors in Calgary are made with a single type of material. These doors have thick foam of insulation material that offers greater draft protection and helps in keeping the elements out of the garage. This is great because if the garage is attached to the main part of your house, cold air could easily seep in through the garage door and increase your energy bills.

Whether you are planning to install overhead doors or garage doors, it is important for you to first look for a reliable door installer who can get the job done effectively. Nowadays, these types of professionals are popping up everywhere, and choosing a reputable installer can prove to be the difference between getting a good door and one that needs some sort of maintenance every other month. Therefore, it is imperative that you conduct a little bit of research prior to deciding which installer you need to work with. With that said, you should consider all these aspects when buying overhead doors or garage doors.

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