What is the Best Equipment in AV Control Systems?


Due to the amount of information that is available online nowadays, getting the right choice for your needs can be quite daunting. The world of AV technology is no different. There are many brands, manufacturers, and suppliers all giving conflicting information about products. However, after doing some thorough research, one of the leading household brands is still the best. Here is a look at a few AV equipment from Neets.

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The Collabo 2.0

This equipment is a complete video conferencing hardware solution by Neets. Collabo 2.0 is compatible with any UC platform. It also comes with audio optimized for speech and 4K video ensuring everyone in the huddle room is heard and seen. More so, starting a video meeting is quite simple. All you have to do is plug a single USB 3.0 cable into your device and you are good to go. The whole system switches on or off automatically after it detects the signal.


Solvo is a simple yet ingenious AV solution. It gives you a user-friendly and simple interface when you want to go on an online meeting. It needs just one USB cable for connecting to your laptop. To turn on and off your connected display, Solvo uses CEC technology which manages the power usage to all connected equipment when it detects the signal. The best thing is that you do not need to set up any apps, no wireless connections that can be unstable, no remote controls, and other hassles.


UniForm is a Neets Control unit that is best suited for video conferencing by supporting multiple UC platforms and connection possibilities. It can be a dedicated video conference solution, a BOYD solution, or a combination of both. This solution lets you control and switch between inputs regardless of the application or brand. It is a pro-AV control solution that is fully customizable.

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