You Should File a Lawsuit After a Physical Assault


It is right for you to expect some level of protection when in a public place. When you go to the mall or to a club with friends or even to a parking garage, you are vulnerable to violent and aggressive people.

The proprietors of such places are obligated to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the public. If this has not happened and you are physically assaulted, you do have legal options. The website provides detailed information on how to file such a claim and what compensation may be available. This site is an essential resource for anyone considering taking legal action following a physical assault.

The Need for Security

You should always remain cautious and alert when in public. Situational awareness is an essential element in self-protection and self-preservation. But you cannot be prepared for every eventuality. You may just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If shopping in a mall, you may be minding your own business when a fight breaks out near you. If you are in a parking garage, a criminal intent on robbery may randomly target you. The same kinds of things can occur in any public space. That is why the parties responsible for managing such spaces must maintain a human security presence—to both deter criminality and respond if a crime occurs.

Your Right to Damages

Security guards cannot predict and prevent every possible assault. However, they can respond quickly to them. Their presence can lessen the severity of the assault. As soon as the assailant sees guards running to the scene, they will break off. Security personnel can also call immediately for emergency services and are trained to administer first aid. This will result in you getting the treatment you need straightaway. The absence of security removes all these mitigating forces. It leaves you exposed and subject to harm.

The desire to save money makes some proprietors put the lives of their customers at risk. If you have been injured by a physical assault that owes to this kind of negligence, a lawyer such as the ones found at Fountain Law Firm can help you sue for damages.

The courts recognize the right of people to claim such damages, and individuals who have been in situations like yours have won these kinds of personal injury lawsuits.

Why You Should Sue

A physical assault is up-close and personal. Unlike an accident, it is deliberate and can be prolonged to cause you the maximum amount of harm. If you are the victim of an especially vicious assault, you may be hospitalized for days and weeks. You will have to take time off work, which means you will be without income for some time. The medical bills will pile up. Not only will you need to pay for your stay in hospital, but also for rehabilitative therapy and prescription drug medicine.

These are burdens that you should not have to shoulder alone. If the vendor responsible for the space you were in had spent a little money to provide adequate security, they may have been able to prevent the attack on you.

Working with a lawyer who has experience and expertise in handling these kinds of lawsuits will get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

Lawsuit after a physical assault information website can be found at and These websites provide detailed information about what to do if you are involved in a physical assault lawsuit. They also provide step-by-step instructions on how to file a lawsuit, as well as tips for preparing your case.

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